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Logiversa™ is a company offering logistics services. The company specialises in organisation of international transportations on the territory of Eurasia. We carry cargoes from the countries in Europe to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, etc. We are engaged in in transportation of medical equipment, household, organisational and other types of appliances, perishable goods, and goods requiring a special temperature regime or exclusive safety standards. Due to the specialisation in this sector we have the possibility to concentrate on using technical and infrastructural solutions required for quick and safe delivery of the present goods.

Transported freight temperatures can range from -30 °C to +25 °C.

Types of transported goods:

We deliver safe and on time

  • Medical equipment
  • Organisational and other types of appliances
  • Fruits  and vegetables
  • Food products
  • Chemicals
  • Medications
  • ADR


Contact us:

Email: clients@logiversa.com

Skype: logiversa

Phone: +370 5 205 34 54

Cargoes carried by the company Logiversa™ are insured in accordance with the requirements of the CMR Convention. Forwarding and warehousing operations, as well as the value-added cargoes are insured additionally by the company’s partner Marines Underwriting Services. The transportation vehicles meet the requirements of the environmental standards EURO 6, and are equipped with the satellite route tracking system.

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