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Logiversa™ is a company offering logistics services. The company specialises in organisation of international transportations on the territory of Eurasia. We carry cargoes from the countries in Europe to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, etc. We are engaged in in transportation of medical equipment, household, organisational and other types of appliances, perishable goods, and goods requiring a special temperature regime or exclusive safety standards. Due to the specialisation in this sector we have the possibility to concentrate on using technical and infrastructural solutions required for quick and safe delivery of the present goods.

The company also provides warehousing services and helps with customs clearance on the territory of Lithuania. The warehouses maintain constant positive temperature determined by technical requirements of the stored goods. At the moment the company’s storage capacity is approximately 1200 euro pallets. At the warehouses we use modern loaders and stackers of the companies Linde and Nissan.

Logiversa insurance partner Marines Underwriting Services

Cargoes carried by the company Logiversa™ are insured in accordance with the requirements of the CMR Convention. Forwarding and warehousing operations, as well as the value-added cargoes are insured additionally by the company’s partner TT Club Mutual Insurance Ltd. The transportation vehicles meet the requirements of the environmental standards EURO 5, and are equipped with the satellite route tracking system.

Logiversa™ company is operating in collaboration with other logistics companies with different specialisations. The present association can be characterised as a cluster. Cooperation between the companies is carried out according to the principles of mutual support, partnership, trust and common goals. This way the developed infrastructure provides advantages before other companies in the field of improvement of quality and efficiency of the rendered services. Moreover, it allows satisfying all the needs of the customer. The role of the Logiversa™ company in this association is provision of loading to the partners, coordination and control of cargo transportation, as well as monitoring of the warehousing operations.


Principles of company operations:

  • Reliability. Success of our customers and partners depends on the quality of our services. Therefore, we devote special attention to the competences and responsibilities of our employees.
  • Reputation. We are interested in building long-term relations with our customers, which are based on trust and are mutually beneficial. Gratitude and recommendations of our customers are the best assessment of our work.
  • Quick Response. The ability to adjust quickly to the constantly changing situation, the ability to bring a ready solution and a full range of services to the customer is the formula of success of our business.
  • Personnel. Our strength is the people we work with. Their experience and professionalism are the irreplaceable values contributing to success and well-being of our customers and partners.


Why Logiversa?

  • Experience and excellent reputation
  • Full logistics services (cargo transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, consultations on import and export
  • Convenient geographic positions and developed infrastructure.
  • Personal and rented transport
  • Insurance
  • Focus on long-term cooperation and satisfying the needs of the customers


We strongly believe that business is built on mutual respect, honesty and transparency of intentions. By openly discussing the conditions of cooperation we find solutions, which are mutually beneficial for both parties. This is the type of collaboration we invite our customers and partners to.